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We take care of disable children, disable young individuals and disable senior citizens (elder people). Universal Aged Care offer to support your love ones a full range of services including in-home support, nursing care and also several other services so that you can rest in the comfort of your homes with as much independence as possible. All services are given below.

We provide accommodation, in-house and outside as a tenancy residence. Our Skilled staff always has updated records of vacant houses for tenancy in the city as per the requirement of disabled people.

Care and Safety is our high priority, they are our responsibilities to provide best services and counseling in safety environments and helps disabled individual act independently. Universal Care staff ensure to assist and complete checklist for care & Safety. 

For More Information, Please do not hesitate to contact us.

We ensure that our special individuals have safe and comfortable journeys. We provide transport with all required accessories that can be required during travel by these disables.

Are you the parents of disabled kid who feels boring sitting in home? Our professionals have various entertaining equipments for your Kids that will engage them in activity also info equipment will raise their knowledge and information.

We have qualified and experienced nursing staff that will help you in all the aspect of healthcare. Nurses are trained not only in their profession but also in neonatal care for kids and also for infants.

Prosthetic is arm or other extremity is amputated or lost, a prosthetic device, or prosthesis, it can play an important role in rehabilitation. Some people have an artificial limb can improve mobility and the ability to manage daily activities, as well as provide the means to stay independent, we as Universal Aged Care provide an exceptional blend of quality in custom prosthetics for your love ones., for more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Your visit to Dr. for any treatment or checkup will no longer be a painful thing since our trained nurses are always ready to be with you throughout your travel and will help you purchasing of your medicine. Our Nurses will help you physically.

Our carers will be there for you entire night to provide you aid at any portion of night. You can sleep well because we are awaken by your side.

Universal Care provides personal care includes:

  • Bathing
  • Showering
  • Dressing
  • Grooming &
  • Feeding
  • and more…

Just like family members with hygiene and proper protocols.

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We provide variety of mobility equipments to those who are really in need of those. We do provide training to use the equipment and further we do have quality and service checks for each of our provided equipment.

THERAPEUTIC SUPPORTS are Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech Pathology and more. Children and adults who have a disability or developmental delay by providing a range of individual and group based programs. Universal care recognise that each child or family is unique and needs a tailored plan of supports

We have highly qualified Therapists with numerous Therapeutic professionals that give you immediate improvements and better results.

You may have problem in speaking and may not deliver proper pronunciation of every word which causes misinterpret by listeners. We help you to translate and interpret your words to other in order to express your views to others without losing your context.

Being disabled if you are not able to plan your day or activities then our skilled staff does help you making your plans for day to day. We do counsel you and teaches you how to plan your activities and we are right there for you for the accomplishment of the same.

Our community participation activities improves the capabilities of disabled individuals physically as well as mentally.

You are an elderly person and do not have any one with you for Domestic tasks and housekeeping then call us. We will perform on your behalf just as it is our own house. If you are parent of disabled kid then don’t worry we will help you completing your domestic tasks and will help your kid in housekeeping of his room.

When Kids in home, their safety requires a lot of modification implementation. For disabled kids a lot more to be done. For elderly individuals modification requires with respect to safety and comfort. We have expertise in modification of Home. Our skilled technicians are always ready to modify your living place as per your body and mind requirement. No matter if you are parents of a disabled kid or if you are young individual or if you are an elder person.

We are dedicated to provide disabled people full independence in the comfort of their home by performing their household tasks. If you are parents of disabled kids, you not need to worry because we will be there for completing your household tasks and you can spend more time with your Kids

Our well trained nursing staff supervises and prompts the disabled persons for their timely medications in a friendly manner followed by Doctors prescriptions. Our staff always remains in contact with Doctors in order to update the doctors with the conditions of disabled persons. Our Highly qualified staff always takes care of hygiene of disabled persons. Children are being given special attention while medication.

We have the finest solutions for individuals who require special modifications in their vehicles. Our skilled technicians are eligible to modify your vehicle in a way that it will not look Odd and will surely be relaxing for you. Hence you don’t need to modify your sitting style or do never need to travel in discomfort.

We ensure that with our help visually disabled individuals or people having difficulty in hearing specialy elder people and kids have access to, and can participate in every part of life. We provide most advance and user friendly vision and hearing equipment to disabled persons.

If you want further information regarding services or brief explaination please contact us.

Whether giving care or receiving it, neither of them is easy. Universal Aged Care & NIDS puts loved ones first to help

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