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Taking Care of Love Ones

We take care of disable children, disable young individuals and disable senior citizens (elder people).

We endow with a platform to these people of any age group where modification to life with a disability is no longer a difficult evolution. We believe that each disable person is still in control of their life.  We can get better your independence

Best Caregiver Services

1. Meeting Your Emotional Needs

Kids and young individuals acquire extra emotional support which helps them stay happy and motivated towards life. We know that Emotional Needs is a premise we endow with significant guidance on. Disable children predominantly boys with emotional needs are over represented in special schools and inside exclusion figures and as they grow up they carry on to be over represented among those with mental health problems, in prison and so on. We do consider and work on the magnitude of such kids experiencing admiration, high opportunity, constructive comment, clear limits and a sense of humor from those around them and from us being service provider. We develop and teach emotional Intelligence, emotional competence and emotional literacy to each of our staff dealing with disable kids and young generation.

2. Meeting Your Physical Needs

We intend to move ahead in awareness and apply connecting to the position and wheeled mobility needs of people with physical disabilities, in exacting the equipment and services those needs require.
You have disability does not mean you can’t take pleasure in a full and vigorous life living in your own home. Our specialized carers always listen to your needs and put together a personalized support package to meet your necessities. This can array from on one occasion a week visits to each day visits or even live in care with us. We help you with an extensive variety of everyday jobs including house duties, personal care and washing, social activities and hobbies. Our maintain packages are intended at helping you stay self-determining in the ease of your own home, allowing you to continue your each day schedule. Our skilled and train nurses, carers, Doctors and entire team make sure that you meet your physical needs.

3. Enjoy Independent Living

Our professional and highly trained staff supports these persons in a way that gives them confidence to stay independently. As an older person living with a disability, it can be hard to handle household errands and day-to-day activities without help. This help may come from a family member or from us.

Independent Living – For Couples

Independent Living is a Living Option for Disabled Couple (Young or Elder) to enjoy the freedom, services and amenities with the confidence of knowing that support is available.

Proficient Medical & Health Care

We arealways with you.

About Our Agency

About Agency

Universal Aged Care & NDIS puts loved ones first to help those offering care, to secure the pride of those getting it, and to improve the personal satisfaction for the

Main Approach

All that we do is driven by our general mission i.e, to turn yours and your family’s lives more beautiful. We are the perfect solution for the families who desire extra care.

What We Offer

From a long span of time we have been providing our services which helped improving the health and quality of life of numerous disabled individual of various age groups

How We Work

Universal Aged Care comprises of services such as assisted living, house care, nursing, senior day care, services and long-term care for disabled individuals of all ages

Independent Living – For Couples

Independent Living is a living option for residents to enjoy the freedom, services & amenities with the confidence of knowing that support is available.

Whether giving care or receiving it, neither of them is easy. Universal Aged Care & NIDS puts loved ones first to help

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